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While enjoying my newly discovered gifts and enthusiasm for archery, I received a calling.  Yes, a calling. His plan for me during this season of my life was to teach the gospel to young children through Christian-based archery programs.  After questioning, doubting, and disqualifying myself for the job, I went back to God and asked Him to make clear to me what I could do for His glory.  His answer did not change.  For the following weeks I witnessed sign after sign, each pointing me to the mission that I had already known was mine.  I decided to cast my fear and doubt aside and to put all of my faith in Him and to begin this program. 


If you have a small group of youths that would like to meet twice weekly after school during the fall of 2014, please send a message or call for details.  I would be happy to customize a faith-filled archery program just for you!


Faith and Archery



Throughout the 4-week programs students will also learn:

>> Archery safety

>> Compound bow and equipment basics

>> Fundamentals of form

>> Fun archery games with friends

>> Setting and achieving goals


Stories of Faith In Archery

Jennifer Nichols, "It's so much more fulfilling knowing you're competing for the glory of God and not for your own."

Jacob Wukie on his road to the Olympics, "...He had a plan for me and it was a good plan. When I'm out there competing I know my worth isn't defined by my performance." 

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