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Archery Equipment Spotlight

I am very fortunate to be sponsored by some of the best manufacturers of archery equipment in the world. Here's a closer look at my current competition set up and the equipment students use during their lessons.

For ease of use and flexibility, I teach students with PSE Discovery II compound bows.  The draw weight can be set starting at 10 pounds up to 29 pounds.  A great bow for students to get started on and grow with. 


My personal favorite and current tournament bow is the PSE PerformX SD.  I shoot the setup above for indoor  and 3D archery. Black Eagle PS23 arrows, carbon Axcel sight with Shrewd  42mm scope, SpotHogg Edge Swap Rest, Shrewd Stabilizers and Stan Black Jack 4-finger release, ThreadZ Custom Bowstrings, and Vortex Razor HD binoculars.

Looking to buy your own archery equipment?  I would highly recommend you look no further than:


Mace Sports in Mebane, NC

Godwin's in Raeford, NC


First Flight in Raleigh, NC

Or online at:



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