I am very fortunate to be sponsored by some of the best manufacturers of archery equipment in the world. Here's a closer look at my current competition set up and the equipment students use during their lessons.

Archery Equipment Spotlight

Looking to buy your own archery equipment?  I would highly recommend you look no further than NC Hunter Supply in Raleigh. They have a highly knowledgeable and experienced staff unrivaled by any big box store in the area.  They have an extensive selection of equipment and accessories for compound, recurve and crossbow shooters.  


Check them out at 6718 Old Wake Forest Road, Raleigh.



My personal favorite and current tournament bow is the PSE Dominator 3D Max.  I shoot it indoors with a Hogg Father sight with SpotHogg Spark Pro Scope, SpotHogg Edge Rest, Shrewd Stabilizers and Stan Black Jack release.

For ease of use and flexibility, I teach students with PSE Discovery II compound bows.  The draw weight can be set starting at 10 pounds up to 29 pounds.  A great bow for students to get started on and grow with. 

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