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Experienced competitive shooters, beginner adults, children, people with limited physical ability, and everyone in between are invited to pick up bow and arrow with Christine Harrelson, a.k.a. "Coach Yoyo."


Check out what other students are saying about Christine Harrelson Archery!

"Taking lessons with Christine is such a joy. At each lesson, I build on prior skills and also learn something new. She is great at helping me get the overall picture while also having a keen eye for the tiny details that could be improved. Her focus is on strong form and getting the basics right, so I know that she would not let me relax into any bad habits. I always look forward to my next lesson."



"I have participated in private and group lessons both of which have been very helpful. Before taking these lessons, I was a novice to archery. Christine has significantly improved my accuracy and arrow grouping. I expected to improve my skill via Christine's lessons, however I did not expect to be able to try out differnt bows and accessories which gave me insight for when I one day choose to purchase my own equipment. Christine is an exceptional teacher who has taught me proper form while having a fun experience. I would definitely recommend Christine Harrelson Archery. "                                          


"I am a female archer who had interest in furthering my knowledge with my equipment and shooting abilities. I contacted Christine, hassle free, and my training session was set up within a week. We covered many basics as she helped me perfect my form and release. From judging yardage, to shooting 3D targets, fletching arrows, and making adjustments. Not only was I learning, I was making a great friend and coach. It's not all about the physical as it is mental and I was presented with pages full of do's, dont's, remember this, and positive quotes. Christine has helped me accomplish many goals. Once my lesson was complete I felt as if I could dominate the world through my bow and arrow. I would recommend these lessons to anyone that has interest in this sport. Always remember, Good Decisions!"                                           ~Jessica

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